EYHERTEK was created due to EYHER’s need to subcontract engineering and industrial design works; therefore, as a complement of our technical office.

Many clients of ours have technical offices, which, in specific moments, need to be reinforced, without increasing their structure . Besides, our wide knowledge of the industrial design tools allows us to offer training services.

All that is included in the following engineering services:



Product design : Market analysis. Search for alternative designs.

Functional redesign of the product, in order to update it and reduce the manufacturing costs.

Material selection depending on the needs of the clients and the processes. Works with compound materials, plastics, metal, and glass/polycarbonate. Rendering existing or new 3D models. Application of materials, textures, lights, shines, etc.



  • Carrying out of projects :
    • Analysis of conditions of the client.
    • Alternatives on materials, processes, etc.
    • Technical proposal and budget.
    • Development of the project
    • Monitoring of the manufacture/assembly
  • Information:
    • 2D plans of


  • Engineering projects: definition of the life cycle, information, plans, etc.
  • Product design : tools, new trends.
  • Industrialization of the product: manufacturing processes.
  • Establishment of CAD/CAM 3D systems(definition of workflows).Work
  • methodology with CAD/CAM systems


Personalized training in our premises or the premises of the client.
  • The training is adapted to the schedule and the profile of the workers.
  • CAD/CAM tools .
    • Catia, Solid Works, Solid Edge
  • Work methodologies with 3D systems
  • Design methodology. Life cycles of the development of the project.