Safety, ergonomics
and productivity



With the arrival of high speed, the railroad has become a reference in the transportation of people again. Trains exceed 300 Km/h, transporting passengers directly to the centre of the cities, in a fast and safe way.

Both in the manufacture and the maintenance of trains, elements that allow to access all the sides of the train are required, whether it is from the top, from a side or from below, where there are pieces that might need their change or maintenance.

In some cases, those elements will allow their access, lifting the train or wagon, liberating or removing the rails that the train uses to access, or putting the operator in the appropriate place safely.

Besides, our machines allow the manipulation of rolling elements (bogies, axles, wheels, etc), and heavy parts of engines or air conditioning systems.

Our developments will use our experience in similar solutions, and the comments of our clients to adapt our machines to the specific needs of each step as much as possible.