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Paper and graphic arts

Paper and graphic arts

In the manufacturing of paper, the paper machine delivers a continuous sheet with a fixed width and with flaws. In a rewinding stage, the flaws are eliminated and the sheet is cut according to the needs of the users. The great coils are transformed into smaller finished coils.

In printing, in wavy cardboard, in the cutting and conversion of paper in general, and in the manipulation of paper, splicers and reelstands require elevating tables and adapted motorized carts, with and without elevation, as well as tumblers for their manipulation in warehouses and logistic spaces.

We are qualified to integrate our elevating tables and motorized carts in the maneuver of the full line, including position detectors and pressure sensors.

Our elevating tables, our motorized carts and our tumblers are designed with V shaped cradles, according to the diameter of coils, with materials that will not alter the quality of the paper.